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Posted by v76odessa at Feb 2, 2012 1:47:39 PM
Re: Bloakde pay -- 9999 not enough?
But then, if they can afford it, why not pay it? At the end is their PoE. We've seen two (three?) blockades hit 9999 during three different weekends. Pay-capping the blockades is not a good idea because different flags use different tactics to win and if a flag is not wealthy enough to blockade a large island, then, why would they?

Then again, if a flag believes an island is worth 15k/segment, why not lettem???

This effectively turns blockading into fundraising. You do not need to have good navers, a good staff, a good anything but poker players to outpay the other flag.

And if you have a poker player equal to the poker player in the other flag, they you do need good navs/staff.

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