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Posted by tilinka at Feb 1, 2012 12:29:36 AM
Re: Tilinka's "Yet Another Puppetar" Thread
Heh. Got TWO requests for distilling avatars for Swiftyswitch. So:
From Cartrunner:


From Hitmonchan:


Status on orders:

1. Ljamethyst: inked and scanned
2. Dontalktome: inked and scanned
3. Alynway: inked and scanned
4. Wendyrz (surprise!): inked and scanned
5. Melany & co. : sketched, 1/2 inked
6. Tonigirl (I've owed you this one for over a year, I think): inked and scanned
7. Coldmilk: Sketched
Tilinka, Emerald
Perilous Puppet
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