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Posted by x_starfire_x at Jan 31, 2012 6:44:52 PM
Re: <<<Auction>>> Fishheadred Ringer Doll (50k by kingofall)
I just looked at the time stamp on this bid and see that I missed the time by 10 minutes. It is unfortunate that YPP was down the previous night when I tried to enter my bid, but I do want to be fair to Stevensam. He did have a bid that stood for 3 days and 10 minutes, so if he wants the item at 65k, I cannot protest. He would have won it fair and square. But if he is up for a bit of competition on this item, I am willing to continue the bidding. So I leave it up to his discretion. I have no problem either way.

Thank you daperjack, we'll see what steven has to say :) Personally, if steven's okay with it- I'm more than happy to continue the bidding xD

Hopefully steven will reply under this post :D because apparently I'm slippery to catch online :O
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