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Posted by Snowpixie at Jan 31, 2012 2:42:47 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion - Meridian was up for a bit
23:21:37] Thank ye again for helping to unite our oceans! I have placed a Frozen Malachite Banner in with yer Miscellaneous booty as a token of my appreciation. Yours truly, - Velasco Thorsson, Intrepid Explorer

[23:23:37] Ye shatter the ice and unfurl a chart and a proud Malachite Banner.
[23:23:37] Ye have received one Chart from Olin's Brow to Ichor Island (10 leagues) as part of yer reward!
[23:23:38] Ye have been awarded the Malachite Banner!

yay :D

Then I was kicked off Meridian
You can see the trophy here:
clarence's trophy collection

Very cool =D
Imp, totally sane mermaid-siren of Meridian.
Superdoodle avatar by Budclare =D

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