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Posted by x_starfire_x at Jan 30, 2012 8:45:31 PM
[Auction] Ice Blue Dragon Statue - HB: 65k, Black Dog - SB: 30k, (+ trinkets and other ice blue items)
Ice Blue Dragon Statue (rare)

Smallest Bid (SB): 40k
Highest Bid (HB): 65k by cybrpyro

Black Dog (0.02% chance of winning it from black boxes, and availiable only on halloween for 50k)

Smallest Bid (SB): 30k
Highest Bid (HB): -none-

^minimum increase of 1k, must stand for 72 hours^

Also in auction:

- Ice blue spindle trinket (HB: 100 poe by jenna)
- Ice blue peppermint cocoa trinket (HB: 100 poe by jenna)

- good male ice blue/ ice blue patched pants (SB: 100 poe)
- old female ice blue shirt (SB: 0 poe)
- 10x CI trinkets (HB: 2.5k by Ambrygold) exchanged
- 20x Viking trinkets (SB: 7.5k by kaylaa)

^minimum increase of 100 poe, must stand for 48 hours^
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