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Posted by pillyforme at Jan 30, 2012 8:06:46 PM
Clothes and furniture, hundreds of each.
I apologize in advance if any of this is wrong took me awhile to write..


old ice blue/black Musketeer hat- 6k
old wine bandana- 1k
old chocolate banana- 1k
old plum sleeping cap 2k
x2 good ice blue bandanas - 1.5k a piece

good ice blue captains jacket - 12k
good ice blue shirt with cape - 9k
Good Chocolate rags- 5k
Good Ice blue rags- 5k
old wine/wine plain shirt- 5k

Good maroon/black pantaloons- 4k
good spring green rags 7k
x2 good ice blue patched pants - 2k a piece
x2 good ice blue stripey knickers - 2k a piece
old chocolate patched pants-. 5k

good maroon/black fancy boots- 4k


Good black/purple EO mask- 10k
old Magenta/black EO mask female 3k
Good Spring green/gold EO mask ~ Offer
Good banana/banana Qing hat- 4k
old iceblue/iceblue tricorn- 3k
old wine/wine wide brimmed hat- 3k
old gold bandana-1k
old banana bandana- 2k
black/purple scarf- 6k
old iceblue scarf- 4k

old iceblue chain mail- 5k
Good spring green rags- 6.5k
good gold/black captains jacket- 50k
old banana/banana frilly shirt w/ sash- 5k
good banana/banana Corset- 7k
good spring green rags- 5k
good magenta/black vest and scarf 6k
old wine/wine vest and scarf 6k

good black/gold patched pants female 6k
Good ice blue plain pants - 4k

Good black/purple fancy boots- 6k
New black purple Fancy boots- 9k
Good light blue/black fancy boots- 4k
Good banana/banana fancy boots,female 7k
good ice blue pair ?o boots- 5k
old iceblue buckled shoes- 2k
good maroon/black slippers- 4k

FURNITURE: (If it's old, its 150 poe. If it's Good, its 250 poe. If its new its 350 poe, each)

Anchors x13 good, old

Bag x32 new, good, old

good middle bar segment x1 good

Broken barrel x5 good, old

Barrel x10 Good, old

Pyramid of barrels x1 good

barrel o? rocks old x1

Barrel o? sugarcane x14 Good, New

old cot x1

Good bludgeon trunk x1

good white bunk x1

good small cannon balls x3

Chair x19 Good, Old, New

Broken chest x19 Good, Old

Chest x13 Good, Old.

Fancy chest old x 4

Small chest x31 Good, Old

Little chest x48 Good, old, new

Crate x8 Good, Old

Crate o? hemp x7 Good old

Good plain dresser x1

Short fetish x10 New, Good, Old,

Tall fetish x10 Good, old,

When it says new, good or old, it just means that i have some of those conditions available :)
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