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Posted by Setsusa at Jan 29, 2012 7:36:38 PM
Re: Dear Anchovia
Remember how I laughed when you pointed out that you surpassed 500? The only people who I've ever seen going YAY POST COUNT HIT X were 10-15 year olds on some general video game forums I used to read. Post count reflects nothing but being around for a long time, so I don't see how it is an accomplishment at all.

And sure, we'll go with that she chose you, rather than playing a joke on me. Although, I think my reaction now is giving her more of what she aimed for then than she got at the time. So, Anchovia 1, Me 0.

@OP: I thought Ancho had been in more blockades than 95% + of the population by this point, but that could just be me, so I don't really get your point. Given her situation, I can say for fact that whether she wants to blockade seriously or not, she has better things to focus on. (Haha have fun at your first day back to class).

Then again, if you feel strongly about some issues, why don't you attach a main to yourself so that your statements on the forums have some time to you, rather than shielding yourself from the own hole you dig?
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