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Posted by harrjm at Jan 29, 2012 8:02:29 AM
Emperor Intent
Who? Bipolar!
When? Jan 29th, 12PM game time
Where? Emperor Island
Jobbing Contact: Bipolar
Pay: 500 starting

Some say Harrjm is a power-mad bugger who likes dropping war chests.
Some say that the only thing that makes Donsmythe happier than blockading is spending time with the little Smythes.
Some say being sunk by Fourteen make the boys cry.
Some say Squiddy isn't role-playing, he really talks like that.

ALL OF THIS IS TRUE..... but did you know that the folks at Bipolar also have great respect for the history of the game?
7 years and 9 months to the day since Bifnot and his mates in The Jolly Company made Emperor the first island on Midnight to be blockaded, Emperor will be the last island contested in a PvP blockade, as is only fitting...
Captain of Gods of War
King of Tyranny
Blockade madman

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