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Posted by monstersoda at Jan 28, 2012 10:27:59 PM
Re: Ode to Malachite
To Bounce,

A wise man walks, slow yet not too much so
He keeps pace with the ever setting sun
It falls while he stretches out evermore
He refuses to wilt as the flowers do

We sing and circle around
Our island, oh sing with us
Spiders crawl all around
Her voice is croaking now

Please help us, please
We need you as you once did
Falling without a net
You sail on anyways

The island remains dark
A full moon will pass
We ride the cycle too
Full of cobwebs

Thank you for letting down the Malachite ocean Bounce. It is good to see that your brig pillage was more important than today's blockade of Drogeo.

The collective stall owners thank you for your selfishness.

Thank you Joshuakiller.

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