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Posted by Publandlord at Jan 28, 2012 6:59:42 PM
Re: Beta Defense Intent
Here are the lucky winners of our blockade raffle prizes. Many thanks to everyone who came and puzzled for us today!

Ancient Calendar - Breccia
Archelon Model - Darkseid
Atlantean Suit of Armor - Perambulator
Atlantean Statue - Masterkyle
Gorgonyx Model - Stripeytiger
Leviathan Tooth - Trowa
Necromancer Table - Wingsaucer
Scarab - Rolysfmaster
Triketos Model - Lizstwin
Cat - Ladytifa
Dog - Onlyzuul
Mirror - Amelia
Brisk Rudd (Sloop-Frost Class) - Herowena
Clueless Clownfish (Sloop-Frost Class) - Coangel
Cruel Anchovy (WB-Rogue Class) - Skeeterbait
Doughy Haddock (Sloop-Gingerbread) - Mollyminks
Proper Bream (Sloop) - Dmentedangel
Sensitive Bass (Sloop) - Daviidi
Well-Known Carp (WF) - Bassmstrette
Wonderful Stickleback (Sloop) - Fernet

If you won, contact me, Harrjm or Calamarie (or Bipolar if you see him online) to pick up your prize. Prizes unclaimed by 15th February will be used for our next raffle.
Anaplian, Shadow Riders, Midnight Ocean

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