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Posted by Tjgreene at Jan 28, 2012 1:14:07 PM
Looking for veterans
Black Crusade is now hiring for pirates and officers in our ranks. A group of four friends met in 2007 playing this game and we left in '08 but have kept in contact since. We are back playing YPP and are looking for new friends on the Hunter/Emerald Ocean!!! Must have a ship to be Officer for now and we are not part of a flag yet as we want to build the crew first. Send tell to Tjgreene, Rendex or Hollyd for invite to our great crew. We are all EST atm and play between the hours of noon and 4am for some of us. Love to pillage and run supplies ..mem routes and trade. We have 2 stalls atm. Both on Aim: Tjgreene's Ironworking and Rendex's Distilling for cheaper supplies for our ships.

Rendex is our captain with him and myself as a partnership leading our crew. I'm more political and he is haha..

Send us a tell !!
Tjgreene - Hunter Ocean (tjgreen on sage) (tjgreene on malachite)
Captain - Alpha Hunters
King of the Flag - Hunters Alliance

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