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Posted by Reeves90 at Jan 27, 2012 11:54:36 PM
Re: Bounty Time: Peaceoutt
Bounty On: Peaceoutt

Reason: We were in a CI, had 2 successful runs. 40 CCs. He then decides to go in and re-enter the CI for a 3rd run. Jobbing basically anyone, he enters in. Then, we go into the island, supposed to be full thralling, with 3 thralls. We end up going 2 rounds and then he orders us back to the ship. On the way out, he has major major issues navigating the opposite whirlpools. He then proceeds to shout for help on moves. Then, we get shot like 8 times and sink by a cutter.

Poe Per Battle win: 10k

Poe Per Ship Sink(where a ship he is naving is lost) 40k

Flag: Chain Reaction

He must be the naver of the ship.

I'll pay until I've spent 50k.

Translation: I was on this CI, and I puzzled for awhile, and the naver lagged, and sank, and I am mad that he sunk because obviously he wanted to sink after all that time he put into the run and he definitely wanted to lose the boat too, so I am going to go ahead and put a bounty on him so I feel cool to make up for sinking.
~ Reeves/Rreeves ~

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