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Posted by harrjm at Jan 27, 2012 4:07:40 PM
Re: Beta Defense Intent
As usual, Bipolar will be hosting a great raffle. Tickets can only be earned as a jobber for Bipolar. So be sure to come out and job with Bipolar for a chance to win great prizes.

Ancient Calendar
Archelon Model
Atlantean Suit of Armor
Atlantean Statue
Gorgonyx Model
Leviathan Tooth
Necromancer Table
Triketos Model
Brisk Rudd (Sloop-Frost Class)
Clueless Clownfish (Sloop-Frost Class)
Cruel Anchovy (WB-Rogue Class)
Doughy Haddock (Sloop-Gingerbread)
Proper Bream (Sloop)
Sensitive Bass (Sloop)
Well-Known Carp (WF)
Wonderful Stickleback (Sloop)

P.S. This raffle will be rigged so Vova doesn't win anything....again.
Captain of Gods of War
King of Tyranny
Blockade madman

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