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Posted by Marybooty at Jan 26, 2012 10:47:05 PM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I know that there have been multiple posts about getting a suffix on your name when the oceans merge, but is there any way to bend this 'inactive for two years' thing?

There's a "Dre" on Cobalt who hasn't logged in since last summer which is under the two year mark. If he never logs in again I am still losing my name which sucks. If and when the original name DOES go inactive, will there be a way for ME to grab the name "Dre" before anyone else does or does it automatically go back in the pool of names that anyone just signing up can get?

I'm completely bummed that I'm going to lose my name that I've had for five years. I would think that hours logged into the game should count towards keeping your name as well as how long you've had the pirate. The 'other' Dre seems to only be a few months older than my Dre...

Will I be able to save my free rename for as long as I want? The only way I'd use it is to rename "Dre-East" back to Dre...

- Dre

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