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Posted by killinfisher at Jan 26, 2012 2:46:16 PM
Re: *Intent to save the grass of Kirin - An open letter*
I don't think Keepyaheadoutdabutt understood what this is about; this an ocean wide effort to stop a flag thats wanting to drop 2 shoppes a week during the merge break, no one is in it for anything, no one is getting anything out of this matter of fact we are all putting our ships at risk and spending our PoE when we get nothing in return.

I'm curious how you're planning on doing this without, by the end of the blockade, paying 9999? Hell, you'd have to max pay before the middle of R1. it's only a two strength, you don't need many sinks at all to kill that.

Unless you somehow manage to outjob Legacy 4:1 then I don't see you standing a chance.

Regardless, I will be there to observe.
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