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Posted by Broska at Jan 26, 2012 2:21:17 PM
Re: *Intent to save the grass of Kirin - An open letter*
Manipulation, war's favorite past time, past, and future time. All you want is the islands, Legacy is in this for the people more then you think, we're not a bunch of morons like everyone thinks, we already expected you to interfere, after navving for us a few weeks ago. Also Sir, you're pathetic, stab every ally in the back you have left before your time runs out.

They are in it for the island but for the the time its at 100% taxes they will be refunding it? And what people are you discussing? The 10 people who benefit from the new shoppes? Onlt people who gets helped is the people selling and the person buying the shoppe. The ocean as a whole suffers. This isn't a attack on the people in legacy its just the fact that Legacy's govenorship isn't what by far the best large there is on this ocean needs. No offense but let the royals who own and run the island speak in there own defense.
That guy... WHO RETIRED!
So now I just post every once in a while

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