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Posted by glittertjess at Jan 26, 2012 1:48:07 PM
*Intent to save the grass of Kirin - An open letter*
Hello Viridian,

I'm sure most of you are aware of the actions being taken by Legacy at Kirin recently. Lets discuss it for a moment. Legacy has given us enough evidence that they'll continue to pave and drop shoppes non-stop just because they can, which is perfectly fine as they own these islands. However, most of us feel it is indeed terrible to build at this rate. With them scuttle-shielding Kirin and merger on 31st, they have 4-5 weeks to buld 8-10 more shoppes and I doubt there would be much grass left (if any) on Kirin at this rate. I'm not even sure if they can drop 8 shoppes without dropping on spawns either. Needless to mention, the taxes are at 100% which is a strict rule of their large island governance policies. At this point, when I ask myself if Brnyhild is a better governor or Legacy, I only get one answer - Brynhild. Whether you are a merchant, an independent carousing pirate or a political pirate, I am sure most of you would feel the same. Kirin has a well-balanced economy and has been the best player-run large island for a while on the ocean. It is at a huge threat right now and we have a small chance to preserve it, read below for exactly how.


Alot of flags have been looking to help the BK win at Kirin this weekend. However, such an effort needs to be backed up by majority of Viridian and well-coordinated to be pulled off successfully. The BK is very weak, a mere 2 strength. Regardless, we have organized a team to help the BK take over. Without mentioning flag names at the moment since its not that important, we're going to be thirdpartying from various flags and co-ordinate on the board to sink Legacy ships only and protect the BKs even at the expense of sinking our own frigs. We will not be shooting the BK intentionally. If you're interested in thirdpartying, please hit me up in game so we can co-ordinate better.


Is this doable?
Yes, it is and the only way this is possible is by pulling a huge amount of supporters for the cause. We need jobbers & jobbers, alot more than Legacy. If they manage to fill a few frigs, its a lost cause. So, this is going to boil down to jobbers and we'll pay more than Legacy obviously at the end of the day, but if it can give us a chance to save Kirin, I'm down for spending PoE.

What do you want us to do?
If you're supportive of this cause, please help us spread this message and do not job/puzzle for Legacy. Come job with any of our thirdpartying flag and make good PoE.

Is this movement just for making your political face better?
Absolutely not. There are alot of people down for supporting this cause and we'll be spending alot more PoE than Legacy will be just for preserving Kirin.

Blockade info:
Starting pay - 2000/seg
Sinking - Yes
JCs - There will be quite a few since multiple flags will be jobbing, so check the notice board later.

Other promotions:

1. Tax rebates - If the BK manages to win Kirin, they will be taxing at 100% (Hey, its not like Legacy is taxing any less but anyway). Whiterose has offered to refund stalls/shoppe owners the taxes from her own pockets for the entire period BK governs it!

2. Ocean-wide tourneys - I'll throw 200K tourneys daily for the next seven days (Whatever the free carousing puzzle for that day would be) to celebrate the win.

3. Bazaar deeds - Some of you may feel deprived of your bazaar deeds if Legacy fails to defend. I'll be handing out free Labby bazaar/bank/commod market deeds to make up.

So, I have decided the governor I'd like to see at Kirin during the 1-month break. What's your choice?
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