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Posted by Fixated at Jan 26, 2012 5:31:56 AM
Re: Challenge: ISSUED. [4 Weekend Emerald Event Spectacular!]
Is this why Laslo was kicked out of BoS?

Laslo, sweetheart, they've found you out! But no, not really.

Ye tell Missyfiercer, "Can i make fun of you on the forums?"
Could not tell Missyfiercer: {1} "Could not tell Missyfiercer: That user has been disconnected for 4 minutes." BOO

I don't think you should underestimate Missy's niceness, she could out-nice a nun. Holding kittens. At a charity event.

Anymore information about this?

As it's a few weeks away I'm a tad bit undecided, but I've always wanted to an EXTREME BAKEOFF ELIMINATION EDITION where we put a bunch of people on a ship and plank the one with the lowest sail each DR until only one is left standing. If no one can talk me out of this idea, I think it will be the one we go with.

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