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Posted by Inframan8 at Jan 25, 2012 7:39:39 PM
Re: Challenge: ISSUED. [4 Weekend Emerald Event Spectacular!]
Viktoriah cleared her throat, glaring at the boys, ?If you two are done, I think we should focus at the issue at hand. The oceans have been merged now, we want the pirates here to feel at home and at ease.?

Is this why Laslo was kicked out of BoS?
Aye, the ocean merger brought over a lot of new folks, they all seem rather nice though,? Missyfiercer said, sniffing at her rum.

Ye tell Missyfiercer, "Can i make fun of you on the forums?"
Could not tell Missyfiercer: {1} "Could not tell Missyfiercer: That user has been disconnected for 4 minutes." BOO
-Saturday: Bakeoff

Anymore information about this?
Super Retired.
Loathe says, "Infra is carp god."

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