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Posted by Fixated at Jan 25, 2012 7:31:01 PM
Challenge: ISSUED. [4 Weekend Emerald Event Spectacular!]
Hai Hunter! I present to you a: TL;DR (main points are bolded):

Squinting slightly through the smoke, Erics could tell there was something different about the Admiral inn. He dodged his way around the random dead body and passed-out pirate (honestly, he couldn?t tell the difference this late at night).

Stopping to grab the next round for his flagmates, he noticed that the a few difference faces at the bar he didn't recognize. He tried not to stare as he pushed the PoE for the drinks across the dirty surface, picking up the glasses and headed for his flag's normal booth. Putting the drinks in front of each respective owner, he pulled up a chair and sat down, joining the conversation.

"Lots of new pirates here tonight," he said neutrally, tilting back his glass.

"Aye, the ocean merger brought over a lot of new folks, they all seem rather nice though," Missyfiercer said, sniffing at her rum.

Mirit surveyed the bar thoughtfully, frowning slightly, "They don?t seem to be talking to anyone much, though. I mean, we don?t bite. Well, most of us," she said, looking pointedly at Eric.

"IT WAS ONE TIME!" Erics shouted, slamming his mug down on the table, "I mean, you guys DARED me to do it, she didn?t catch rabies or anything. I think. Anyway, it's all your fault, Mirit, you know I can't back down from a challenge."

The girls rolled their eyes while Cartrunner patted him on the back, chuckling, "Actually, I think she did have to go get her shots after that..."

Viktoriah cleared her throat, glaring at the boys, "?If you two are done, I think we should focus at the issue at hand. The oceans have been merged now, we want the pirates here to feel at home and at ease.?"

"Well, we could do events," supplied Mirit helpfully, "Blockades will be turned off for four weeks, we can always provide them with something to do during that time.?"

"FLOTILLAS!?" Emerlaus shouted, hopping on a nearby table and dancing a jig.

"Mirit," Anatheil whispered under her breath, "When exactly are we having that intervention again??"

"Not soon enough," Laslo said, sighing as he watched Emerlaus be dragged away by a rough-looking barmaid.

"Moving on, maybe we should have a string of events? I mean, as Mirit said, we have four weekends without blockades, might as well do something fun! Maybe...Atlantis trips and such??" Jenx suggested, stealing Emer?s full glass.

Mirit considered this as she finished her drink, "We could always try-"

"CHALLENGE ACCEPTED," Erics shouted, standing, "We will entertain our new Hunter friends for the four blockadeless weeks. We will show them how wonderful Sage people can be, we will wine and dine them, and we WILL get the yes!"

"Fine, fine, Erics. Just sit down!" the flag groaned, almost in unison.

"TOO MANY THINGS TO DO, MUST GO NOW!" Erics shouted, grabbing his hat and racing from the inn.

Challenge Accepted has decided to entertain the wonderful Emerald pirates with a few events to keep us all busy during the blockade-less weeks.

Listed below are a few things we have in mind. This is just a basic outline, there could be more added along the way. Each Sunday, an additional thread (I know, but there are a lot of events!) will be posted which has the event details as well as the forum event for that week.

First Weekend (Feb 3-5) FIRST WEEK POSTED HERE!
-Forum Event
-Saturday: Double Frig Atlantis
-Sunday: Scavenger Hunt (this will take place before Twisted Parallax's genius whisking party and end in time for you to attend that).

Second Weekend (Feb 10-12)
-Forum Event
-Saturday: Drunk Frig Cit Run
-Sunday: Race Across the Ocean(s)

Third Weekend (Feb 17-19)
-Forum Event
-Saturday: Bakeoff
-Sunday: Event Blockade/Real Blockade (depending on the island status of NOI at the time).

Fourth Weekend (Feb 24-26)
-Forum Event
-Saturday: 24 Hour Atlantis Run
-Sunday: Tournaments, Box Auction (kind of a nonevent, hence the tournament supplement).

Notes about the Atlantis/ship runs in general: there will be trivia (both Hunter and Sage), random giveaways, and PoE bonuses on each of these runs. Yay ocean mergers!

SMALL PRINT: These times/dates/events may change up to two days before each event to accommodate other flags/other plans in general. We're open to other ideas/conversations with other flags in general, please do not hesitate to hunt out Jenx on Sage to speak to me about any of the above. <3


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