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Posted by zeplin411 at Jan 25, 2012 10:17:55 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I am excited about the merger date being set, but I am concerned with the existing bugs. I was logging on daily to test what ever came to mind and check to see what bugs have been fixed. This is from the announcement post:

# Fixed missing bid tickets.
# Various issues related to -East/-West names: can now transfer supplies, rename dummies, complain them, and add as managers.
# Crew and flag fame will be carried over and calculated correctly.

Has anyone been able to verify that this has been fixed?

Also too, what about the bug I reported related to delivering ships that have been abandoned? Some of them were not removed from the completed order list when delivered and some were not able to be delivered. The undeliverable ones would be removed from the completed orders list but I would not get the message saying I own the ship or see it in the docks. Yes, I reported this in game.

I would like to see them put up the test ocean one more time just to verify all the bugs have been taken care of.
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