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Posted by Greyhavens at Jan 25, 2012 10:05:47 AM
Re: United Oceans Discussion
I am coming at this from the perspective that any longstanding goal requiring a fixed, historically-constant amount of effort should not suddenly change

There is some precedent on this - The requirements for Trophies relating to multiple ults increased for new puzzles coming in each time. On the other hand, the gold trophies became significantly easier to get when they replaced ore with nuggets.

It's a fair point about the cumulative Ult trophies being a moving target. The difference that I see in this case, though, is that even if you're only one Ult away from Ult Pirate/Carouser/Crafter/Ults when they release a new puzzle that adds to your requirements, at least you still get the individual Ult trophies while you work toward the cumulative trophy goal(s), and the requirements for those individual Ult trophies remain unchanged even though the cumulative trophies are now harder.

The concept of retaining the intermediate goal requirements is another way of describing what I'm hoping for.
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