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Posted by pillyforme at Jan 23, 2012 4:48:07 PM
gold/black/LE clothes Cheap!
I apologize in advance if any of this is wrong, took me a while to write it

Good chocolate/chocolate tricorn- 7k
old ice blue/black Musketeer hat- 6k
old wine bandana- 1k
old chocolate banana- 1k
old plum sleeping cap 2k
x2 good ice blue bandanas - 1.5k a piece

good ice blue jerkin - 10k
good ice blue captains jacket - 12k
good ice blue shirt with cape - 9k
Good Chocolate rags- 5k
Good Ice blue rags- 5k
old wine/wine plain shirt- 5k

Good maroon/black pantaloons- 4k
good spring green rags 7k
x2 good ice blue patched pants - 2k a piece
x2 good ice blue stripey knickers - 2k a piece
old chocolate patched pants-. 5k

good maroon/black fancy boots- 4k


Good black/purple EO mask- 10k
old Magenta/black EO mask female 3k
Good Spring green/gold EO mask ~ Offer
Good banana/banana Qing hat- 4k
old iceblue/iceblue tricorn- 3k
old wine/wine wide brimmed hat- 3k
old gold bandana-1k
old banana bandana- 2k
black/purple scarf- 6k
old iceblue scarf- 4k

old iceblue chain mail- 5k
Good spring green rags- 6.5k
good magenta/black tudor bodice- 8k
old iceblue/iceblue striped shirt with vest- 5k
new black/magenta captains jacket- 30k
good gold/black captains jacket- 50k

old banana/banana frilly shirt w/ sash- 5k
old wine/wine bodice- 5k
old spring green rags- 5k
good banana/banana Corset- 7k
good spring green rags- 5k
good magenta/black vest and scarf 6k
old wine/wine vest and scarf 6k

good black/gold patched pants female 6k
Good ice blue plain pants - 4k

Good black/purple fancy boots- 6k
New black purple Fancy boots- 9k
Good light blue/black fancy boots- 4k
Good banana/banana fancy boots,female 7k
good ice blue pair ?o boots- 5k
old iceblue buckled shoes- 2k
good maroon/black slippers- 4k

everything is marked except that in bold, my prized love.
Darkoath Of Cerulean.
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