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Posted by Webz3 at Jan 23, 2012 2:20:16 PM
Re: Plans for Alkaid Island
I hate to rerail... or try to bring this one down but... Zakilla I understand your "trying" to work on the cannon ball market but...

Even tho it is another type of bazzar... I can't help but feel this shows the flags mind set. Don't open a stall up here but take a job at mine on aim! This is a bazzar with 0 stalls... so maybe you should get incentives here? Just a thought, and a giggle from me...

P.S. i have contacted zakilla about buying the second IM actually and have ben told someone else has a higher bid in then me... figured i would et you all know so i don't get flamed about it later if he decided to let everyone know, what a terrible person i am for wanting an IM shoppe up on alkaid.
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