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Posted by RoketQueen at Jan 23, 2012 7:41:39 AM
Re: Plans for Alkaid Island

As for the shops, one IM will stay within the flag & the other will be sold to someone interested in actually producing and shipping in raw commodities.

To attract a healthy cb market from various sources, have you considered setting up a partial refund on newly opened stalls to encourage others to join the Alkaid market? Yes, we have. We will not only be lowering taxes after maintaining the island for one week by 5%, but will be offering a 50% tax rebate on all shops, during the first week of the merger.


If the market is in such a bad state, offer the refunds on stalls now, instead of the date of the merger, which is still unknown and do this instead of building the 2nd shoppe. It's clear from reading the rest of the thread, people don't want to see more shoppes built on Alkaid!

Also, you don't need to ship in raw commods to Alkaid anyway, the merchant bots have access to wood and iron spawns located on Isle of Keris and Beaufort. Alkaid currently has cheaper or the same buy prices for wood and iron than all larges on Hunter (with the exception of Armstrong, which spawns both.)

There's also a SY currently for sale on Armstrong, cheaper wood and iron to rebuild your fleet.

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