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Posted by vonwerder at Jan 22, 2012 10:19:25 AM
Re: Plans for Alkaid Island

To attract a healthy cb market from various sources, have you considered setting up a partial refund on newly opened stalls to encourage others to join the Alkaid market? Yes, we have. We will not only be lowering taxes after maintaining the island for one week by 5%, but will be offering a 50% tax rebate on all shops, during the first week of the merger.

As I type this, your selling cbs from the palace at 20/45/58 these prices are extortionate if you are actually serious about wanting to help the healthy process of nearby expeditions and pillages (your words), so would you consider lowering them until the supply has increased from shoppe and stall owners? Due to the high demand and minute supply, prices were raised. Yes, these prices will be lowered as the supply increases within the next few days.

If anyone has any questions regarding Alkaid, please feel free to send me a tell!

This bit I find funny...

You say you want to make the Island a better place in a nutshell to sum up your horrible plan. Selling CBs at a higher price is only for profit. If you truly cared about reviving the island you would want to PROMOTE pillaging in the area, and keep in line with prices on Aimuari, not make a profit. I mean it shouldn't be to hard to know the prices there... you already own 2 IM's there.

I mean if you honestly don't get what I really mean about trying to revive an island and make the economy better you might wanna go take a look at EAC's plans when they held Sayer's Rock. Til than it just looks like you're in it for the PoE and Shoppes.

-Someone else can find you the link, I can't be bothered.
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