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Posted by RoketQueen at Jan 22, 2012 2:45:43 AM
Re: Plans for Alkaid Island


We plan on restoring Alkaid. Here is how we will do it:

This week, we will construct 2 IM's. We have examined Alkaid's capacity to produce CB's and have concluded that the levels of production and supply is insufficient, impeding the healthy process of nearby expeditions and pillages.

The following week, we plan to construct a flag SY for the repair of ships. Further island development may following. We highly value the business of Alkaid's shop & stall owners. Therefore, all of our actions will be geared with their interests in mind.

What kind of research did you do into the Alkaid CB market? I heard a passing comment on a ship yesterday that your flag had bought up the market for the coming blockade. So it's quite a biased market at the moment. Does your research stretch further into the past than just this week/weekend?

Will you be selling the IMs or running them inner flag? If you are selling them, will you actually make sure they go into the right hands for management or just the guy who is willing to pay the most to get another shoppe?

To attract a healthy cb market from various sources, have you considered setting up a partial refund on newly opened stalls to encourage others to join the Alkaid market?

As I type this, your selling cbs from the palace at 20/45/58 these prices are extortionate if you are actually serious about wanting to help the healthy process of nearby expeditions and pillages (your words), so would you consider lowering them until the supply has increased from shoppe and stall owners?

Edit : I've also just been informed that some atlantis maps have been spawning nearby Alkaid which has also exhausted the market recently.

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