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Posted by Pauling at Jan 21, 2012 9:58:17 PM
Re: Emerald Ocean: Intent for Blackthorpe
There are many things I'd love to say, and people I'd like to thank. Those will come in a post tomorrow. For now, a brief alert:

We've decided** to place an Explorer's hall on the emerald version of blackthorpe, and a spot in a field on the left side of the island has been picked out. Before I place the building, however, I need some help on a name that fits in with the new "medical" scheme proposed by Sante. Any suggestions? The palace has already been renamed, and we're a mere 54 rogue marks away from renaming the other government buildings on emerald to match.

A thank you list is being worked on, as is a detailed financial accounting of palace records. For now, why not stop by our newly renamed palace and see Tilinka's amazing interior decorating at work? If you'd like to help decorate the IM and distillery bazaars in similarly exciting fashion, let me know- artists are welcome, and we do have a generous furniture and paint budget.

On an ocean dominated mostly by a single flag (exposed), I vow to make Blackthorpe island a beacon of freedom, run by the most open and transparently corrupt administration on any ocean. As they say in Rome: "lasciate ogni speranza voi ch'intrate!".

**When I say that we've decided, I mean that I have cheerfully ignored all practical concerns in my desire to build the only attraction building in the entire arch.
Pauling of the Lost Lot, Sagemerald
Officer emeritus and occasional cabin person
Puppetar (and drawing of secret Blackthorpe plans) by the talented Tilinka

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