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Posted by the8dude at Jan 21, 2012 9:55:08 PM
Plans for Alkaid Island
On behalf of Your Flag, we thank all those who supported us today!

Island Plans


We plan on restoring Alkaid. Here is how we will do it:

This week, we will construct 2 IM's. We have examined Alkaid's capacity to produce CB's and have concluded that the levels of production and supply is insufficient, impeding the healthy process of nearby expeditions and pillages.

The following week, we plan to construct a flag SY for the repair of ships. Further island development may following. We highly value the business of Alkaid's shop & stall owners. Therefore, all of our actions will be geared with their interests in mind.

After receiving commentary on the newly placed IM shop, I would like to clear this up now, as I will not be addressing this issue again. All new shops constructed will follow the island Primates theme.

Primates: "A mammal of the order Primates, which includes the anthropoids and prosimians, characterized by refined development of the hands and feet, a shortened snout, and a large brain." Therefore, to answer a question that arose earlier, Gorillas are primates.

For those interested in learning more about primates:

What if a shoppe dusts?

Dusted Shops will be replaced without a refund. A new shop will be erected in it's place.


We will not be rasing taxes higher than they currently are, 30%. Taxes will be lowered to 25% after 1 week of island control. We will be offering a 50% tax refund on all taxes during the first week of the ocean merger.

To be announced.
Alkaid Event Blockades will be scheduled upon request or during certain competitions.
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