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Re: Hangovers [Kashgar Defense]

Viktoriah gritted her teeth, trying to reach the last beam of wood. The rocking back and forth didn't help her painting nor her splitting headache, and she once again cursed herself for betting Eric while drunk.


"You can not outdrink me, you wench!" Eric bellowed, standing up from his seat at the inn, his overly outraged look garnering looks from all across the room.

"Erics, sit down!" Anatheil hissed, pulling him by his sleeve, "You'll get us kicked out again, and no one wants to travel all the way to Wissahickon again."

"Agreed. Last time we were there, I tried hitting on that drunk chick, you remember? Never has a rejection hurt so much in my life," Cartrunner said mournfully, sipping at his ale.

"Cart, for the LAST TIME, that was a mannequin, and you were so drunk you pulled it on top of a table and started trying to salsa with it," Jenx said, smirking.

Missyfiercer snorted, pouring more mead into her glass, "Didn't you also wake up with it in your bed the next morning as well?"

"Nope, we found him face-down in a puddle of dye in Merla's weavery, I've never seen her so angry. Apparently he had made an effort to take the mannequin home, and somehow knocked all of her red dye barrels over in an effort to make a huge red swimming pool. In a weavery," Mirit finished with a chuckle

Cartrunner blushed, looking down at his drink and attempting to change the subject, "Weren't we talking about how Eric is going to fail this bet?"

"Oh, YES!" Erics shouted, standing again, "HOW DARE YOU think you can outdrink me? I am man, I am mighty, I am-"

"A scared little girl?" Viktoriah offered, "I mean, let's put your money where your mouth is, if you're that sure. Let's bet...a chore. A needless, tedious chore that doesn't even need completed, but would put you-err, the loser, in his or her place."

"I would suggest...whoever loses, paints the blockade fleet. A rainbow of colors! Useless, silly, and absolutely a chore," Missyfiercer declared, grinning.

"Fine!" Eric bellowed as Mirit signaled to the bartender for another round of drinks, "Drink for drink, first one to pass out loses?" he said confidently, pulling two of the newly arrived shot glasses in front of him.

"Deal," Viktoriah said, smirking as she pulled two identical glasses off of the tray, cocking an eyebrow, "Mirit, be the official on this one? No cheating."

"Fine, fine! If it will keep you two from fighting, whatever. However, whoever loses has to do all the work themselves, no calling in favors. I don't fancy spending the day before tomorrow's blockade painting the fleet," Mirit said, sighing.


That was all Erics remembered. From the pieces the flag put together the morning after, Viktoriah had lasted much longer than he originally thought she would. After a few shots, she had danced on a table before passing out in Jenx's arms, who put her to bed shortly after. However, Erics didn't stop; so many of his flagmates and friends had bought him more drinks after, so he just kept drinking. From what Mirit had said, he then resulted to the following:
-The first thing he did was take off most of his clothes, save for a strategically placed tube-sock.
-He then decided to test his luck by breaking into the apothecary stall Merla managed, drinking several of her expensive change potions. Merla caught him in the middle of changing from a ponytail and a shag haircut, successfully giving himself a mullet when he did not have time to grab another potion on his way out.
-Tried begging on the Admiral dock for 15 PoE, attempting to to get a whisking potion so he could go to Wissahickon in order to talk to the pretty girl Cartrunner failed with last time.
-Decided to try stocking the blockade ships, successfully loading each war frig with 2 rum and 1000 small cannonballs.
-Snuck into Jenx's house, stealing her monkey and leaving a very confusing ransom note, blaming global warming and inflation.
-Proposed marriage to almost every member in the flag, (Emerlaus twice).
-Had woken up the next morning, spooning with Cartrunner on the dock of Kashgar.


Viktoriah wiped her brow with her paintbrush-free hand, sighing as she thought of how many ships she had left to go. However, when she thought of Erics? face when he woke up with a mullet, Jenx's monkey, several bandanas (no one is really sure what on earth he did to get those), she smiled. Especially when she recalled how Erics had been forced by to agree to work in Merla's stall for the next four years to pay for the apoth potions he wasted. And, to top it all off, she wouldn't sell him anymore hair change. He still had a mullet.

"Yes," muttered Viktoriah as she swiped another layer of paint onto the creaky walls of the ship, "Totally worth it."

Sorry if I have any spelling/general errors, I'm tired and it's late!


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