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Posted by anchovygirl at Jan 21, 2012 2:32:59 AM
[Auction] An inn!
Initially, we did promise to auction the inn on Stormy Fell, however, not everyone may be fond of that inn so the winner can choose either the inn on Stormy Fell (Innsane Asylum) or Garden Cradle (Friendly Fireinn). Remember, this auction is only for ONE inn.

Starting bid: 10,000,000 PoE.
Minimum increments of: 100,000 PoE.
Your bid must have 5 zeros at the end.
Winning bid must stand uncontested for 48 hours.
Auction will end on the 24th of Feburary 2012 noon game time (12 pm)
Bids in the last hour of the auction will increase the deadline by 12 hours, this is to prevent any last minute sniping.

Some notes:
- All PoE made from this auction will go towards a 3 week blockade programme to introduce new flags to blockades. A thread on that will be posted shortly. Therefore, we feel that it is right to put a reserve on this since obviously, we want the maximum amount of PoE from this sale. If the winning bid does not reach our reserve, then we have the right to cancel the auction and sell it some other time when we feel we're more likely to get more.

- We reserve the right to demand proof of bid amount prior to the auction ending. Details of what that proof will be will be PMed to the bidder. If the bidder is unable to show proof within 12 hours, we have the right to cancel their bid and the auction will resume from the previous bid.

- Winners will have 36 hours to follow through on their bid. If the winner is unable to, we will resume the auction from the previous bid.

- If we feel that people are manipulating this auction in any way, we will cancel the auction and start again, with those people barred from it.

- In the event the oceans are merged before the auction is over, we will resume the auction from the last bid.

- If you have any questions, please contact a royal from RM either in-game or on the forums.

Happy bidding!

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