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Posted by Pauling at Jan 20, 2012 8:48:54 PM
Re: Emerald Ocean: Intent for Blackthorpe
A brief update for those who've asked. Basically, circumstances have gone from crazy to ridiculous today. Following yesterday's mass reset, we moved supplies there to a state of full preparedness. But...

- IE on emerald lost most of their fame overnight (celebrated ---> obscure), which would make it hard to drop a chest. However, Exposed did drop, which sets the blockade time to be somewhere between 12-3pm pirate time (vaguely- see below).

- Sadly, IE wardec'd them over arakoua, so we can't ally with Exposed to score blockade points that way. Due to a weird bug with a captain promotion not going through even as the crew politics successfully got set to autocratic (and won't revert), our SOs are having trouble voting through any flag change that would enable us to use another flag's fame.

- Hopefully the above issues have been fixed during this long reboot, but at the moment Emerald won't allow me to log on, and I'm having difficulty reaching support staff about the above petitioned issues. Reports of being able to log on exist, but are scattered and inconsistent.

So: I will do my best to log on and find a way to blockade. In the absence of fame, we'll still do our best to maintain some form of a presence on the board (even if just via alliance with a flag willing to lower its standards)... keep an eye out!

I remain firmly committed to my pledge to be the craziest governor Blackthorpe has ever seen, and will continue to explore all avenues towards this goal.
Pauling of the Lost Lot, Sagemerald
Officer emeritus and occasional cabin person
Puppetar (and drawing of secret Blackthorpe plans) by the talented Tilinka

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