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Posted by sarahspirate at Jan 20, 2012 11:24:56 AM
Goodbye Midnight!!
We all know Midnight is coming to an end :(

But once we find out the exact date Id love to get an event block set up and a free for all shooty sinky for a laugh event prizes just the fun of playing as midnight snobs once last time before we let the cobalt rifraf in!!

I suppose maybe turtle or something fairly central mebbe alpha if we can annoy the OMs with enough support, mebbe thier chuck in a wreck or two for a twist.

Ideas? suggestions? lets go out with a bang well a BOOOOOMM!!! :D
Sun says, "Bandana - 110 poe. Fine rum 65 poe. Smelling of mature cheese - priceless

Lillyliver.....planks outwit me!

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