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Posted by Voidrix00 at Jan 19, 2012 9:29:39 AM
Buying a Variety of Cursed Island Trinkets.
As the title says! I'm collecting CI trinkets and have a few gaps in some collections and alot of gaps in others. The trinkets needed are subject to change regulary, but will do my best to keep the Yppedia link up-to-date.

Trinkets needed:

Prices based on Trade-post with allowance of inflation:

Black Trinkets: 5k
Cursed Effigys: 2k
Dried Homunculus: 2k
Shrunken Head: 2k
Homunculus Seeds: 1.5k
Shrunken Heads: 2k
Gilded Serpent Fangs: 2k
Vial of Venom: 2k
Chaos Brooch: 2k
Bone Syrinx: 2k
Sacred Skulls: 1k
Horn Talisman: 1k
Cult Doll: 2.5k

**I only want 1 of each color no more**

Voidrix (All oceans)
Captain of Unquenchable Fury and Prince of Universe A .
Owns the largest collection of Guys on Cerulean.

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