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Posted by Voidrix00 at Jan 19, 2012 9:13:47 AM
Re: Do Better?
People are silly. Like Don, if there are "gun hogs" on ships with ne, then I just consider myself a back-up gunner and carp until another gunner is needed. Most of the time, you don't need three gunners, even on a brig in a blockade. When cannons get low, it's good to have someone to jump in and help. I like the variety, too.
However, XOs note - you probably want to distribute your action gunners and your floaters between boats.
I'll gun with Daleen anytime.

I've generally thought "tell the nav to shoot more" to be silly. It's okay to do things other than gun.

Wait, what's a boat? Where am I?

Clearly you never been on a Junk Cit run where ALL stations are full and station hopping is a no no. When the navver rarely shots and you have a minor lag and never gun or get on the report because the other gunner wants to just take them ALL it can piss people off especially if come divvy they end up with like 12 cuts of the divvy for gunning and you get what 1-2 cuts because they could not share 4 guns in a 10 minute period... it's greedy pure and simple. I have a routeen as i have said a hundred times, when i gun i rotate the loading with the other gunner IF they are in a SF or TH'ing then yes i will load guns as fast as possible as they can't help that BUT if both are just standing at the guns waiting i load 4 then i let them load 4.

The navver does NOT need more than 8 shots a turn and a Junk holds 12 so even if they fire all 8 and i load 4 they still have a full 8 to shoot if needed. There is no needed to say "oh the navver will run out" because if there is less than 6 shots free to the navver you SHOULD be loading fast no matter what but once the navver has 8 no need to steal the other persons when they jump off there 4 to get a decent board only to get back on the board to see you stole them.

I find sharing makes friends, hogging makes friends with navver but can leave you enemies.... and leaving the ship over the issue is just down right childish in my honest opinion =/.

That's less gun-hogging and more general etiquette. I have no problem with letting the other gunner "get on the board" as i'd hope the other person with me let's me. But after the period of making sure you both get divy chances gun-hogging isn't a problem in my opinion. If you can out-gun what they fire chances are the other gunner will end up in swordfights instead geting a 2nd div, or even Treasure-hauling.
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