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Posted by lulunz at Jan 19, 2012 7:00:52 AM
Re: Emerald Ocean: Intent for Blackthorpe
Pauling! You darling! I will of course be there with bells and whistles, and triangles and timpani. So long as I can fit it into my busy weekend schedule, which I suspect is going to have to include sewing a rock?n?roll dance outfit for an 11-year old.

Of course, you will not need to pay me. Seeing Tilinka let loose with a paintbrush on the Palace will be payment enough.


While I applaud Cocktail Party?'s novel naming theme for Blackthorpe, I would consider appropriate payment a full vanity rename of every building, following a Health-related naming scheme, as follows:

Bank: Coin Lesions
Commodities market: Preferred Providers
Distillery bazaar: Medicinal Liquor
Distillery: Swabbing Alcohol
Estate agent: Home Remedies
House: Bed Rest
Inn: Inn Situ
Iron monger bazaar: Iron Lung
Iron monger: Heat Stroke
Palace: The Lancet
Tailor: Men-in-gaiters

Alas, there?s no Apothecary, so you can?t use ?A Cute Dyer ?Ere? or ?Dyer Betty?s?

Alternatively, or if I don?t make it, you may like to entertain yourself following your own vanity scheme, with a Chemistry theme (in which case I advocate placing a furnisher just so you can call it ?The Periodic Table?). I'd suggest other Chemistry names, but I've got to go hunt out some black and red polkadot cotton.
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