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Posted by Pauling at Jan 18, 2012 8:40:17 PM
Re: Emerald Ocean: Intent for Blackthorpe
you will get thirdparty paywared.

I guarantee that the pay I'm planning to offer will shatter all your conceptions about what blockade pay can be. (Unless your name is blacksmokej, in which case your expectations are right on the mark)

And so, to answer his question: You should absolutely not job for me. First, Sage will apparently have some fun blockades going on this weekend, and second, I should never be entrusted with an island. Here are just a few of the things that I plan to do if in charge of Blackthorpe:

Pauling's evil plans wrote: 

1. I have hired Tilinka to paint the Blackthorpe palace. She has been given "artistic freedom", and told that her ship the Wrath of Cod is "too easy on the eyes".

2. I'm tired of seeing props dusted in bazaars and palaces. Therefore, I am soliciting furniture layout suggestions. Blackthorpe has a distillery and IM bazaar, which means that two lucky interior designers will get their bazaar layout implemented, PLUS any portrait of their choice placed in either the bazaar or the palace, PLUS a personal news item (3 lines max). Power to the proletariat!

3. Anyone who applies for Blackthorpe citizenship will be required to first answer the riddle of the sphinx (or other riddle of similar difficulty)

4. I will never be placing any shops, period. If you want to own a business so badly, open a stall like everyone else.

5. Existing stall owners aren't keeping their shops well stocked. Taxes will be raised as punishment, and I will use the proceeds to stock the fort with paint- there is currently none. I vow to put shack owners ahead of small business!

6. Tuesdays are discount night at the palace. Half price rum, and the entire fort's supply of one commodity will be seized from the previous owners and sold for 1 PoE.

7. I believe in transparency, which most flags seem to avoid. I will do everything in my power to make Blackthorpe's financial records as public as possible.

With luck, there is something in the above plans to outrage everyone equally. However, I am willing to listen to reason, and will make my office open to petitioners: I vow to offer a serious and thoughtful response to anyone who submits their concerns in written form, so long as those concerns are in American Sign Language and adhere to Iambic pentameter.

That said, I've loaded plenty of ships and supplies for the island, so any jobbers who want to revolt will be able to do so. The only possible snafus are:
1. Sage flags on Emerald have no fame, which is going to make dropping the war chest and voting myself in as governor very hard.

2. I will be using a number of historical ships that aren't battle ready, and whose owners are not reachable. These include some of the first player owned sloops and war frigs on Sage. But to do this, the blockade needs to remain non-sinking.
Pauling of the Lost Lot, Sagemerald
Officer emeritus and occasional cabin person
Puppetar (and drawing of secret Blackthorpe plans) by the talented Tilinka

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