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Posted by Craftydai at Jan 18, 2012 1:19:06 PM
Re: Do Better?
I am in no league to consider myself in the great gunning category as some of the others. But I do gun a lot and for a lot of different navers. And I've gunned with Daleen, and basically any other extremely good gunner. I don't see whats this whole sharing thing is about. Gunning is about loading the guns, if you want to do this station you have to out click your fellow gunners. Of course i've learned this gunning along side some very good gunners. Yes I said along side them, gunning isn't a team effort, you cover your arse and if the other gunner is lacking that is the Xo's problem. Sometimes a naver can put to many gunners on a ship, it really becomes a problem when you stack very good gunners together and theres to many and the naver doesn't shoot enough. But then thats not a sharing issue but a naver issue. But not being in my prime lately, i've noticed that if i'm gunning along side 2 leg. I best beat them to that click or i'm not loading. Its nothing personal its just there doing there job. But then again I've never had one of them give me a hand out. Its an aggressive station, if you don't like it then watch who you gun beside or pick anougher station, and I'm not amoung the popular gunners of midnight and I have figured that out.


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