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Posted by Pauling at Jan 17, 2012 6:49:47 PM
Emerald Ocean: Intent for Blackthorpe
The Emerald Ocean is open for testing, and it's time to test a few more mechanics. Like what happens when a crazy person gets made governor of an island.

Therefore, so long as Emerald is still open this weekend, I hereby announce my Intent For Blackthorpe Island. I don't actually have control of a flag capable of blockading... or royal powers... or two jobbers. And if the jobbers are smart, they'll avoid anything that might be mistaken for a show of support- regardless of how impermanent the testing ocean may be.

But those details are minor. Because this Saturday, after six long years of waiting: it's on. Pauling v Blackthorpe, coming to a testing ocean near you.

Missnoodle, the first person to offer a poem, wrote: 
Roses are red, Emerald is green,
We are blockading your hiney [Satur]day!

Pauling of the Lost Lot, Sagemerald
Officer emeritus and occasional cabin person
Puppetar (and drawing of secret Blackthorpe plans) by the talented Tilinka

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