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Posted by Clarence11 at Jan 17, 2012 2:11:45 PM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
I have just bugged this bid ticket issue.
I have an unfilled bid ticket on morgan for 20poe and the current highest bid is only 2 or 3 poe. I initially assumed that the price was so low because the bids had filled - but my Bid ticket doesn't show up on the bottom half of the market bidding screen.

I have a filled ticket for Hemp on Lilac - I cannot deliver it as it is not showing up on the market bidding screen. Even If I place the bid ticket on the ships market bidding interface - I cannot deliver it as it doesn't show me the status.

These are all bid tickets that came from Malachite and not Meridian. The meridian ones that I have bought show up fine.

I know that it says on the NB there are known issues with bid tickets but I wasn't sure if it was this one.

Edit to add:
I confirm that my ghost is missing from my phantom class sloop - however I delivered an abandonned phantom class sloop and that does come with a ghost.

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