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Posted by skiffygrrl at Jan 17, 2012 4:36:21 AM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
Saw this on Meridian today:

Logged on and saw it was 10 min to maintenance reboot, so I did a round of my stalls, checked status of everything. All employees were puzzled up properly and had active labor.

Also, as I'm listed as a manager at a construction site, I checked it out as well.

Logged on again after the reboot, and saw that the labor was dormant in both stalls and at the construction site, so I spent time logging on my alts to make sure they were active.

This explains why, after the server crash from the blockade test, and from the 'game update' last week that lasted for a few hours, that all my labor alts had dormant labor. At t hose times I redid the puzzles on all of them; today, just logging them on turned their labor active again.

Yes, I /bugged it. We don't need maintenance reboots making employees dormant, whether they're labor alts or regular players with shop jobs.
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