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Posted by MagnaKnight at Jan 17, 2012 4:20:03 AM
Re: Do Better?
Personally you will find i never called you a "gun hog" i did however say that "you better let me gun WITH you" as one run the other day you refused to let a 2nd person gun with you period on a Junk Cit run which i personally find greedy. There are 12 gun and 8 can be fired a turn all you need to do is get into a system of "i will load these you load next and i will load next" OR implement a 5 seconds rule like i do. Even if i count to 5 i can still load 4 shots before the end of the turn usually so not an issue of you will not have guns. My term of a "gun hog" is someone who refuses to let another person gun with them period! I was on that ship when you just left over this issue and i was content to just bilge and let you and other person on skype with me gun (will not name names) in the end i ended up gun and i don't think the navver really had a gun shortage that run. Anyways i enjoy reading a good rant now on to MY rant.... where is my hearty request Daleen?!!!! >=0
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