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Posted by Donsmythe at Jan 16, 2012 11:34:38 PM
Re: Do Better?
Honestly, I can't think of a time when I wouldn't want so-called gun "hogs" on guns.

If I'm just puzzling, it's more or less irrelevant to me.

If I'm a driver, I *want* every gunner trying their best to be the biggest hog. I shoot a lot, so from this perspective it is ideal to have people battling it out to keep my guns full so I can shoot as much as I want. For that matter, it's great to have good puzzlers backing you up, and not just on guns. I am genuinely appreciative whenever I actually have great puzzlers supporting me and try to make sure they know it - solid puzzling can really make a difference and I am truly grateful for everyone's contributions!

If I'm a gunner, it doesn't really harm me any if there's nothing to fill; at worst I can hop between a "standby" station and the guns as needed (and that's more interesting and fun to me than sitting on a single station for hours on end, so I'm cool with that - most ships have empty stations available so if you're bored it's your own fault).

And sometimes I'm the one being the hog, anyways. I'll keep trying to fill guns as long as there are guns to fill because that's what I've been asked to do by the people in charge of the voyage and I answer to them, not other gunners. They care about having shots available when they need them - everything else is secondary to that. They've assigned some people to keep their guns full, and they don't care who filled them as long as they are full. So when I gun, I do it from that perspective. Giving them shots matters far more to me than anything else and as long as they have the shots they need, I don't care if it's me or the other gunners providing them.

It's also my personal policy to do the best I can, whatever I'm asked to do. So if I hog, then I hog, and if someone else does, then so be it. In the end, guns are filled and collectively we gunners did our job. So what's to complain about? *shrug*

Conversely, when there are three gunners yet I know that I filled 75% of the shots and the others aren't really pulling their weight, that's no fun. I'd much rather gun alongside Daleen, Amelia, or any other great gunner, since I know the navver will get the shots they need and I won't have to be excessively stressed about it.

You know, maybe having gunners spend some time driving will help change perspectives. Or even just spending more time on Skype with navvers they are gunning for. I think that's why I view things the way I do; because of voice chat and driving experiences, my puzzling focus is strongly aimed at what's best for the ship, not necessarily at what's good for me. Since I sometimes play the navver, or am chatting with them, I know what the navver wants and work my best to deliver. Daleen, Amelia, Fannon, and others have had similar experiences, and I strongly suspect that they see things similarly to how I do, probably for the same reasons.

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