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Posted by Pkinhahna at Jan 16, 2012 9:27:07 PM
Re: Do Better?
You know what - Calling all the other people who also like to gun and complain about gun hogging are not 'elitisis..isisisisisisisisis..<.<' About 99% of the really good gunners- you, Fannon, Flame, Ryanne, Amelia so on so forth just to name a few.. ARE gun hogs XD (bacon is GOOD and has to come from somewhere!) Psh be proud about it- your not being victimized.. it's just how it is. Eventually the other gunners will learn like Fannon and I, that we can sit and SF and TH and play on face book and check email- paint our finger nails psh.. let you do all the work until you have to go to the Little Pirates Room or ?Who let the dogs out?!?.. or the guns get down to 1 and the Navver is freaking out like- omgeh! Where are my gunners?! - Ive complained about gun hogs but IF it really bothers me I just send you a tell my own self and ask you to share a bit- Crap 2 guns while gunning with Fannon and I'm in gun heaven ? ... BUT Im no elitisis..isisis.. is that even how you spell it??? (googles )
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