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Posted by LunEnvoy at Jan 14, 2012 8:04:25 AM
Re: Brisky Brisky... Who the scup is Brisky?
He's surely talking about them BKs that always happen to drop on him just before we do. ;D

Considering it states in this very intent post that he'd have blockaded earlier if Kirin wasn't scuttle shielded, I think you're addressing this to the wrong side, or at very least applying double standards.

Nice intent, let's hope for a fun and enjoyable blockade.

After scratching my head in confusion for a few minutes, I give up and I have to ask; what do you mean?

I gave up trying to understand the thread once Brisky posted. Everyones IQ drops at that point, remember?

Also, were talking about Bobjanova here. One brilliant thing, and 20 'huh?''s posted per quarter.

@Seep- distract from what babyboy? Still droolin pink all over my schlong I see.
You forget I dont work for anyone. Its why I have no friends. So yeah, Ill make sure you guyses dont call Legacy out. Because its oh so critical that you stop before Legacy is ruined. Oh no!
Gimme a break cat, I couldnt care less that Legacy is being a ''hypocritical'' scuttle shielder. A search of VP will show that I don't object to scuttle shielding in and of itself.
That, and the fact that I already said were trolllllling.
So yeah. Try again. Please.

I'm still just the guard dog. I bite. They shoot.

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