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Posted by Clarence11 at Jan 12, 2012 3:01:24 AM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
Looks like there's a new Arch on Meridian named Chameleon, there are 7 arches there in all, and that one doesn't have anyone on its Ult where is this mysterious Arch?

Edit:'s what i know about Mala....I just assumed all Oceans had 3 instead my questions are why isn't Draco showing on the Ulti list...and why are there no Ulti's in the Chameleon list?

Lacerta, Komodo, Gila and Chameleon are the only Colonized Arches on Malachite.
Lacerta has 4 non-player Mediums colonized, plus 1 Large with a market (Morgan)
Komodo has 2 player owned mediums (Celesta and Drogeo) and 2 player owned outposts (zuyua and Duat). 1 large with a Market (Flyaway).
Gila has 3 player owned Mediums (Fugu, Nightshade and Acanthaster) and 1 outpost (Akhlys), L Large with a Market (Mu Tambu)
Chameleon has an Outpost Lilac which is colonised. It is an arch of 3 Islands

Of the other arches, Draco and Basilisk each have a large with a market (Alicorn and Marmara). The remaining 2 arches Whiptail and Iguana, are 3 island arches like Chameleon.

There aren't so many pirates living in Chameleon. I have an alt with Ultimate (arch) navigating but not enough experience to get on the list.
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