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Posted by Clarence11 at Jan 12, 2012 12:11:05 AM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
I spent some time pillaging solo on Meridian last night. (9hours ago)

Mostly normal: 8battles won, 1 battle lost, 1 disengage, 1 foraging expo and 1 bk expo that I ignored just before porting. All barbarians as I set it to that before setting sail and Dnaved.
Bronze Spoon trophy.

2 anomalies/bugs

First ship 'crazy stickleback' was from the crew 'cadre of his ultimate magnificence' which I think is a BK crew.

Third battle one of the barbarians looked like it had drank from a cursed chalice. I took a screeny. On a later battle with the same sloop they were back to normal. They also went from a crew of 4 in the initial battles and 5 on the last ones on an interarch.

Other stuff that is working - buying and placing furniture including a helm for my sloop. :D
Clarence of Malachite and Formerly Crimson /e sobs

Looking for the action

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