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Posted by skiffygrrl at Jan 10, 2012 1:24:02 PM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
Noticed this on Meridian and /bugged it.

If you are walking a pet with you, it shows as owned by "null".

The way we found to fix doesn't involve trading it to another player or alt; instead, go to your house or any ship/shop you own and let it roam, then it will show up as you owning it, and when you pick it up again, it is no longer owned by "null."

There is a workaround, it's just annoying.

One person who has a rumble dummy of herself in her house on Barracuda had the following happen, and I checked when I was at her house:

The dummy is female to look at, and she is female to look at, no injuries, but when you fight the dummy, it's male with a hook. :-P
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