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Posted by skiffygrrl at Jan 10, 2012 10:30:33 AM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
My most recent testing was of Meridian, all the issues I mentioned:

One of my accounts, I had 3 pirates on Virid and 2 on Mala; it has 5 on Meridian, so that matches what we were told.

Shop alts need to be logged on then off then on again to activate their labor if no puzzle; if there is a puzzle, u need to renew that (not a bug, on this last, but player warning).

For myself and others, on multiple accounts, various island minimaps were not loading: Drogeo and Celesta in Komodo arch, Fintan in Onyx.

From information received from others who have gotten charts:
Flyaway-Oasis is a 20 league run (a person who saw the chart told me this)
Ichor- Olin's Brow chart had been seen but leagues not mentioned; got to Ichor with my Virid pirate who has memmed all of Virid, and it appears to be 8-9 leagues on this route; anybody have a confirm?

A bunch of us battled skellies on Ichor, and the chart won was a CI on the Flyaway-Oasis route.
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