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Posted by anchovygirl at Jan 10, 2012 9:10:10 AM
Re: Meridian Testing Discussion
I'll repost my previous post, this is all on Meridian.

- When you rename your pirate, you get removed from houses you were a roommate in and if someone makes a name with your original pirate name, then they will become the roommate instead. Managers at shoppes/stalls are not affected, so the same problem on Cerulean.

- Names on black boxes have been pushed to two rows, so if you open a black box and you get a potion, on the window showing you what you opened you get this:


- When you type /gw, it doesn't come up with a summary of where the greeters/greenies are. I believe it should show up if they're on ships and in the same arch as you.

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